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Vulkan Vegas Live Casino

Vulkan Vegas is a gaming site debuted in the year 2011. Since then, we have been geared towards the casino gaming which closely mimics that of Las Vegas.  Backed by a multitude of reputable casino software providers such as Evolution Gaming, punters can delight in a real live gaming experience at Vulkan Vegas without the hassle of going to Las Vegas.

Upon partaking in live gaming at Vulkan Vegas, you will undoubtedly feel like you are in a land-based casino. With an ever-growing array of tip-top table games coupled with the most professional and friendly live croupiers, you will get assured that the VulkanVegas Live Casino is at an unmatched level.

The members of our site will indeed find classic gameplay options for every mood. These options also cater to users of varying expertise. As such, they can take their pick from a myriad of card games, ranging from Live Baccarat, Live Common Draw Blackjack, and Live Casino Hold ‘em to Live Blackjack.

We also furnish our users with a plethora of tables for each gameplay option. Thus, the selection is always vibrantly coloured and vast. Additionally, with the incorporation of cutting-edge software, the Vulkan Vegas Live Roulette rooms (to indulge in Live American and European Roulette) avail seamless viewing.

Vulkan Vegas Live Games

In this section, you will find the live games in which you can delight, to your heart’s content.

Live Blackjack

Delighting in this game with a real croupier and other participants is undoubtedly an exhilarating way to play. In Live Blackjack, not only you get to explore the magnificence of 3D but also gain accessibility to greater bids. There is also the opportunity to have one-on-one gameplay with the croupier. Moreover, you can alter your deal times along with the video quality to the suitability of your Internet speed.

Players can also revel in the fun from their web browsers. Hence, to play Vulkanvegas Live Blackjack no additional downloads are required. Regardless of how you decide to play, the same ground rules apply. As such, you place your wager, receive your respective cards and make your best attempt to outsmart the dealer and win, by reaching the value ‘21’ without busting. However, if you decide to play for real money, you’d need to make an account. Read the info on how Vulkan casino login and registration works.

Live Baccarat

It is a classic variation whose streaming occurs in real time from a physically-based studio. Videos in tip-top quality, competent dealers, an interface exuding user-friendliness, and an array of modifiable settings have indeed made this game a preferred selection for a mélange of seasoned punters. The game’s ground rules alongside numerical values of the cards are a normal phenomenon in Baccarat.

Participants require predicting the hand that will win (between the Banker and the Player) by attaining scores that are as close to 9 as possible. Therefore, they have three wagering alternatives: a Tie (between the banker and the player), the player’s hand emerges the winner, and thirdly, the banker’s hand wins. If the latter emerges as the winner and you wagered on it, then your payout would be a ratio of 1:1 minus a commission of 5%. In-depth game rules are obtainable from within the game.

The view of the table can also be modified by increasing or decreasing the quality settings. Users can also select the (+) for a punter to take a seat at the table, up to a maximum of four.

Live Casino Hold ‘em

Targeted at poker fans, this game accepts a countless number of players, with each being allocated a seat at the table. Participants need to wager an Ante Bet after which he/she receives two revealed cards from the dealer, in addition to 3 community cards. The participant is then presented with two alternatives: Call or Fold. The former (Call) is twice the value of the Ante Bet. Once the rest of the cards are drawn, the user wins if his/her hand is greater than that of the croupier. The dealer requires having two 4s or more to be eligible for the Call wager. If the dealer lacks the two 4s or more, then the user wins.

A hand constituting a Straight bet has a lower payout. Nonetheless, the payouts of stronger hands (higher bets) are 100:1. Following the Ante Bet, punters have the option of making an extra wager which triggers a cash prize if they acquire two Aces or more in the first 5 cards they receive. The lowest payout from this extra wager is 7:1 whereas the greatest is 100:1.

Live Roulette

The two most popular variations of Vulkan Vegas Live Roulette are European and American counterparts. For the former, the RTP is 97.3% whereas, for the latter, it is 94.7%. Furthermore,  Vulkan Vegas online roulette live dealer games furnish users with impeccable features such as in-game chats, cold and hot figures, a personally preferred menu of wagers in which they can save a maximum of 15 of your best gambling choices. The variants are also accessible on a broad range of tablets and smartphones.

Live Keno

It asks participants to make a choice of up to ten digits ranging from 1 to 80. 20 balls are then sporadically retrieved from this range. If participants can acquire a sufficient number of matches from their selected spots, then they immediately become winners.

In Live Keno, these occurrences are scheduled whereby you will have exactly 120 seconds to select your wagers for the next round of gameplay. You will then get 2 minutes to play, during which the respective outcomes are displayed and you can take a short break in preparation for the next drawing.

The ground rules alongside payouts are the same as the conventional Keno variant. However, the feel varies, as the speed of playing lower and the possibility of winning is alongside a plethora of other participants.

Evidently, there is a lot to choose from at the Live Casino Vegas. Regardless of your preference, you can take a seat with one of the welcoming croupiers and make an attempt to hit your lucky numbers.